MEMORY FOAM: NASA at our feet

What is Memory Foam and how it is applied in the world of shoes

Memory Foam: those who have decided to buy a new mattress in recent years will surely have heard of this innovative material that is increasingly common. It's not that well known, however, which in addition to being an excellent ally of "good rest", the Memory Foam is also a great friend of the "Walking comfortably".

Sports shoes, elegant, slippers and slippers, is now an increasingly popular feature than within insoles and insoles (o insoles for those of us who felt more British) is present a padding in this new soft and elastic material. But what are they, therefore, the characteristics of the Memory Foam insoles and what is meant when this technology is named?

Invented by NASA to ensure maximum comfort inside spaceships and spacecraft, the Memory Foam it's a viscoelastic polyurethane foam. For those not working at NASA, it is sufficient to know that it is a compound capable of deforming with weight and temperature but that, finished the effort, regains its original shape (from good old English: Memory = memory, Foam = foam).

In addition to this particular padding on the Moon, become more and more interesting over the years, it then also landed in our homes inside cushions, beds e, if we have made the right purchases, in our shoes. Directly from space at our feet.

The padded insoles in Memory Foam I am therefore capable of mold to pressure that our feet apply when walking, and not only. Based on the points of greatest support and where therefore the body temperature rises, the Memory foam insole reacts in an even different way, applying a more accentuated deformation that wraps around the foot. The end result is that of a complete and personalized support based on what our walk requires.

Moreover, the elastic composition, thanks to which the name "Memory", allows the material to maintain the acquired footprint "remembering it”And return to the original form only after a few seconds. This means that, after a few steps, with a shoe with a Memory Foam insole we will be walking on a fully structured and adapted support to our foot, different for each of us users.

The characteristics relating to the foam composition have not yet been mentioned, “Foam”: one base soft, welcoming and which decreases the shock of the impact on the ground during support.

summing up, for those looking for one comfortable shoe able to give the proper support for the spine, valid help also for the prevention of unpleasant tendonitis, heels or a simple back pain, the solette in Memory Foam they are the detail that can make the difference.

The range of shoes products, Meneghelli sandals and slippers, Florance brand for women and Robert for men, contains the Memory Foam both in models with removable insole and not. Browse our catalog, you might find something interesting.

in conclusion, after this one short presentation of a material that acquires more fame every day, all that remains is to wish a: "Seeing is believing!”

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